The ad revenues of traditional print media, even of highly respected magazines, is declining. Internet portals struggle as traditional advertising simply cannot be carried over to the internet, because pop-ups, banners, click-throughs on side bars are an annoying way to push a message at a potential customer when it has not been requested and when the consumer is in the midst of something else on the net. This is why P1Mag-eZINE readers will NOT be bullied by such intrusive advertising methods!

We have created a different monetization model for P1Mag-eZINE, very different from the advertising models used by mass media. And a far more exciting way for companies to connect with the consumer. You could call it Advertising 2.0 while we’re thinking of a catchier name for what we came up with.

The internet is the most liberating of all mass media developed to date, it’s participatory character makes all the difference. It provides the greatest array of entertainment and information on demand. And it is the best and the most trusted source of commercial product information on cost, selection, availability, and suitability, using community content, professional reviews and peer reviews instead of traditional one-way communication – like traditional advertising in print media, for instance.

P1Mag-eZINE will allow your company to build a brand and discuss the advantages of the products and services you have to offer with potential customers performing other activities; these features describe a product or service, its price or fundamental attributes, where it can be found, its explicit advantages, or the implicit benefits from its use to an audience interested to learn anything new on the subject from a trusted source. And P1Mag-eZINE’s success among an interesting target group has elevated its weekly publication and its social media communication channels to such a trusted source.

Today’s consumers have moved beyond newspapers, televised network news, and broadcast movies, to video games, iPods, tablet PCs and, of course, the internet. And consumers have moved beyond the good old advertising message, and the fact that it is not trusted, not wanted, and not needed.

The consumer no longer needs advertising to obtain information about a product or a service. He seeks the information he wants when he wants it, from credible, unbiased sources. Consumers do not trust advertising, it’s seen as biased and has a much lower impact on the perception of product quality than the same message attributed to a specialist publication reporting on the same issue.

People don’t want ads. Think about your own behaviour: when do you leave the TV to get a snack? Is it during the content or the commercials? There you go. Still traditional advertising can still work in an e-paper, for example if it announces an upcoming event. Or if it features a rebate coupon on it. But that can only be one segment of an advertising concept. The much bigger deal is interaction with potential consumers.

What can P1Mag-eZINE’s “Advertising 2.0” do for you? Well, we wouldn’t like to discuss this in public. Traditionally publishing companies would love to understand in the first place, how we have been publishing P1Mag-eZINE issues week after week for almost two years now and with a very lean budget and a minimal work force. AND in TWO languages.

Well, there’s a couple of secrets to it and we’re obviously not keen to discuss this with competitors. But if you feel you company needs to bring its products and/or services closer to the consumer’s attention, we sure got a great deal waiting for you.

Just drop us a line below or email us at marketing@P1Mag-EZINE.com


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